Artificial or Human Hair Wig – Which Is Better and for Whom?

If you have been looking through various catalogues and online wig stores in search of that perfect wig to wear, it’s very likely that you have encountered the term Remy hair or Remy wig. These wigs are actually the most popular these days because of different reasons but contrary to what some people assume, Remy is not a brand name.

Remy hairs are simply real human hairs that are harvested very carefully from the donor so that the cuticle remains intact. When the cuticle is in perfect condition, the individual hair strands can be attached to the wig cap in a perfectly aligned position, simulating natural hair growth. This also makes the finished wig less susceptible to tangles and matting. glueless wig

Virgin Remy
Remy hair can be divided into two subcategories, the first of which is known as virgin or cuticle hair. These are 100% natural hair fibers that have never been exposed to chemicals such as hair dye or perming solutions. After harvesting, these hairs undergo no further processing and are directly attached onto the wig cap.

Since virgin hair does not undergo any chemical treatment, the colors available for this particular type of wig are somewhat limited. Most of the hair comes from India, China, Malaysia, Mongolia and Brazil and most of them are medium brown to black in color.

Most of the hairs harvested are either perfectly straight or slightly wavy. Some manufacturers add curls to these hairs to add versatility in styling but they are still considered virgin because only heat is used for the curling process and no artificial chemicals are used.

Non-Virgin Remy Hair

These are essentially the same as the virgin variety except that they have undergone extra processing to modify the color or texture. If you see blonde Remy wigs, it’s very likely that they are non-virgin, save for some rare exceptions.

Non-virgin Remy hair is said to have a slightly shorter lifespan than virgin Remy hair and are more susceptible to tangles, although many say that the differences are not that noticeable.

In any case, whether you decide to get a virgin or non-virgin variety, the fact remains that Remy hairs are considered to be the best materials for making wigs. They may be more expensive than other options but with the high quality and impressive craftsmanship, there is no doubt that you will get more than your money’s worth with these excellent wigs.

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